Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

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MADS team

The research and development of the MADS system was carried out by a team of researchers. Some of these are listed below:

Principal Developer: Dr Jason Braithwaite
Dr Jason Braithwaite is a cognitive psychologist and brain scientist with a research interest in hallucinations and strange experiences. He has been investigating the possibility of complex magnetic field anomalies underlying strange experiences for many years. During that time he has developed many field-based methodologies for taking appropriate and accurate magnetic measurements. Dr Braithwaite conceived the idea for a dual-sensor system interfaced to computers in the mid 1990s, though the appropriate technology was not available until much later (with the arrival of digital magnetometry). He discovered the digital magnetometer sensors from Applied Physics Systems and started a lengthy consultation with the manufacturers, during which time the suitability of hardware and software configurations were discussed, as well as requesting certain custom specifications. Dr Braithwaite also identified and configured the MADS system to the appropriate digital signal processing software making the whole system complete from measurement to analysis.

Principal Developer: Maurice Townsend
Maurice Townsend studied physics at university but then went on to pursue a career in IT. Despite that, he has always been fascinated by science (particularly physics) and has kept up to date with developments. He has studied the paranormal for over 30 years, always following the scientific method. He was a founder member of ASSAP. His main contribution to the MADS project is the physics and IT side. He has co-authored some of the MADS papers and articles.




The MADS would not have been possible without the additional input, constant advice, and support from the following people (we thank them all). Nick Roach, Dr Paul Stevens, Bob Goodman and Bill Goodman of Applied Physics Systems USA; Goran Obradovic (creator of the Sigview software) and John Reid.