Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

Spectrum graphic
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The APS sensors come with a software interface that allows easy control of the data collection process. While it produces a real-time display, it is only for guidance. All the interesting data processing is done once data collection is complete. For statistical analysis, spreadsheets are the usual tool.

For waveform analysis the main tool is Sigview (which produces output like the picture on the right). This allows quick, convenient signal analysis including FFTs (fast fourier transforms) to produce frequency spectra from the signals. A typical time FFT (showing the frequency distribution over time) is shown above. The obvious 'ridge' on the right is the 50 Hz mains field. There are some 'notches' in the 50 Hz 'ridge' where the field has dropped. This work could, in theory, be done in a spreadsheet but it would be much slower and more cumbersome.

Another tool we use for waveform analysis is Autosignal. This software allows the use of wavelet analysis in addition to FFT. Wavelets analysis (sample below) is more useful with waveforms that are varying over time (as would be found in a typical domestic situation).

Wavelet analysis

  Sigview graph