Magnetic Anomaly Detection System

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Related topics

In future there will be information here about topics related to MADS, such as infrasound.

Other environmental parameters?

Some people might argue that, since we don't know what causes reports of hauntings, we should look for as many different environmental factors simultaneously as possible. However, if you are able to visit a reputedly haunted location repeatedly, it is easier to analyse different environmental quantities individually. So long as other parameters are kept constant, it is possible to attribute any differences solely to the parameter under test. MADS, which can take time-linked measurements at two locations simultaneously, makes this approach simple.



Briefly, infrasound has been implicated in certain haunting experiences. However, there is a concern that it might be difficult to differentiate between infrasound and EIFs as causes of hallucinations. This is because the type of equipment that might produce suitable infrasound could also, potentially, produce EIFs. It is therefore inadvisable to look for infrasound at a location without measuring EIFs too.

More details to follow.